Looking back at Jacob deGrom's dominant 2018 season

            Winter is quite possibly the worst thing in the entire world. Not the worst season, not the worst time period, the worst THING. Of all the things in this world, winter is the worst. Why? Well, the days are shorter, the weather is colder, but most of all…there’s no baseball. I find myself watching the MLB network and actually getting intrigued about where Bryce Harper might sign. I don’t care about that in the slightest but yet I find myself glued to the TV hoping something will happen just so I’ll have something to talk about that’s baseball related. It’s really an awful thing. But thankfully in a little under 2 months the Mets will report to Port St. Lucie for Spring Training and we will be closer to baseball. Sure, the other things about winter will remain but I can overlook that as long as I have the joy of baseball to keep me warm inside. But that is then, and we need to talk about now. We need to talk about a lot actually. If you kept up with the site last season you know that I went from writing every week to not writing at all. I pulled a Mets offense, one week I was there and the next I was gone. Instead of randomly picking up from where I left off, I’m going to start from scratch. And for my first post of the new year/season/reboot we’re going to discuss our lord and savior, the man, the myth, the legend, Jacob deGrom.

            Everyone knows that Jacob deGrom is great, and everyone knew prior to last season that Jacob deGrom was great. But I don’t think anyone knew just how great Jacob deGrom truly is. He proved to everyone in 2018 that he is the Mets’ ace and possibly the best pitcher in all of baseball. I’m sure that you don’t need me to tell you what he accomplished last season, but I’ll do it anyway. First off, he set an MLB record with 26 straight starts allowing 3 runs or fewer and also tied for the most consecutive strikeouts to start a game with 8. But it only gets better from there. He was picked for the All-Star team for the 2nd time in his career and reached his 1,000th strikeout. He had the lowest home runs per nine innings in the entire MLB and even earned himself a first-place vote in the MVP voting. BUT WAIT, there’s more: Despite a 10-9 record thanks to his offense (or lack thereof) he was able to have the lowest ERA in the MLB. Finishing the season with a 1.70 ERA, Jacob deGrom earned himself the prestige of being named the NL Cy Young winner. Jacob worked his ass off all season and put the team on his back to do his part in keeping them in games. Unfortunately, the offense wasn’t always there to back up his efforts and more often than not they would blow the lead and cost him a win or wouldn’t score not allowing him to get a win. It was shameful to see but thankfully the Baseball Writers Association (except for one jabroni) realized that was out of his control and rewarded him for his efforts by naming him the Cy Young Award winner. How does Jacob top that? Does he go out there and have ANOTHER Cy Young season? It’s not unheard of, Greg Maddux one 4 years in a row and most recently Max Scherzer won back to back years in 2016 and 2017. And Clayton Kershaw did it in 2013 and 2014, so it’s not impossible. Jacob deGrom starts the season at only 31 years old and while 2018 will probably go down as the best year of his career, there is every chance that he does enough to garner another award. That pressure would probably affect most guys, but Jacob deGrom always seems to be so calm and collected on the field that I don’t see it affecting him. With the additions to the Mets offense, maybe he could even scratch a few more wins in that column.

            A rotation headed by Jacob deGrom is a scary one and becomes even scarier when you realize the guys following him in the rotation are no slouches either. A healthy Noah Syndergaard as the #2 starter makes for a very dominant start to the Mets rotation. Fingers crossed that these guys are able to stay healthy and help get their team to a post season appearance. With the Mets having the ‘win now’ mentality, let’s hope that Brodie and the Wilpons score some more free agents to help Jacob deGrom be as successful as he deserves to be. On my next post, I’m going to talk more about what the Mets can and should add to make themselves serious contenders in the rejuvenated NL East. Thank you for reading and stay tuned as we get closer to Spring Training!